New breeding beaches along the eastern side of Texel

Although we have been able to create a number of shell islands for birds in recent years, it is still necessary to renew or expand other beaches. It takes a lot of effort from site manager Natuurmonumenten to maintain these areas so that birds have a safe place to breed and so that everyone to enjoy the birds at these sites. The charity recognises the importance of these areas for both birds and birdwatchers and continues to support the improvement and renewing of the shell islands and beaches.

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Rising sea levels and sinking of intertidal areas from factors such as gas extraction, mean that coastal areas will be increasingly likely to flood and breeding areas will become smaller. For this reason alone it is important to create breeding areas for beach-nesting species behind the sea defences. By creating shell islands that offer a safe place for birds and at the same time allows people to enjoy these species without causing disturbance, Texel remains a bird island popular with both its human and avian visitors.

Every year, the shell islands require a lot of maintenance and every four to five years need to be completely replaced. This comes with high cost with which the charity Texel Bird Island helps support, and you too can also help by donating towards a number of square meters of beach. Donate here.