About the committee

a passion for birds on Texel


Dutch naturalist Jac. P. Thijsse was probably the first person to put Texel on the map as a ‘Bird Island’. Since then, bird and wildlife enthusiasts have visited Texel for the great diversity and numbers of birds that are present year-round. Nowadays Texel is still a true paradise for birds, although many threats are present. The ‘Texel Bird Island’ charity has the aim of ensuring that Texel remains a bird island. The charity is committed to making birdwatching on Texel more accessible to everyone through the creation of new birdwatching areas and by providing information on the birds so that even more people can enjoy the beautifully rich bird life the island has to offer.

Onze motivatie

Birdwatching has become so common on Texel that it is easy to forget how important this form of recreation has become for Texel. The beauty of Texel’s wildlife is abundantly clear, yet many people are oblivious to how vulnerable it can be. We believe that by encouraging people to actively enjoy nature, their awareness will be increased. Enabling more people to experience nature for themselves will in turn bring more understanding and support for its protection.

People within the committee


  • Marc Plomp

    Marc Plomp

    Marc Plomp is the founder and owner of the Bird Information Centre (Vogelinformatiecentrum) on Texel. In 2008, Marc and his partner José van der Linde opened the Bird Information Centre with the aim of making birdwatching on Texel accessible to everyone. In addition, the Centre acts as a meeting place and shop that sells everything that a birdwatcher could need. Since 1995, Marc has also been active as a cameraman specialized in making nature films. The film company, known as Natuur Digitaal, has an extensive collection of digital film images (including sound), particularly of birds.

    Marc is the Chairperson for the charity.

  • Hans Verdaat

    Hans Verdaat

    Hans Verdaat is a scientific researcher at Wageningen Marine Research (formerly IMARES) in Den Helder. Hans is mainly involved with bird and marine mammal surveys at sea. Hans is a keen birder and spends much of his spare time leading trips for various organizations, including the Bird Information Centre on Texel.

    Hans is the Secretary for the charity.

  • Bob Loos

    Bob Loos

    Bob Loos works as a bird researcher at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) in a team lead by Theunis Piersma. Much of Bob’s work involves running colour-ring programs. His work and hobby merge into each other and he spends much of his spare time behind his telescope reading colour-rings. Bob also leads excursions for the Bird Information Center on Texel.

    Bob is the Treasurer for the charity.

  • Han Brezet

    Han Brezet

    Han Brezet is professor at the Technical University of Delft and a specialist in wind energy and in sustainable energy. Han likes to spend his spare time outdoors; he is also a member of the Texel Bird Club (Vogelwerkgroep Texel), which he represents on the committee. 

    Han Brezet is the representative for the Texel Bird Club.

  • Marc Plomp
  • Hans Verdaat
  • Bob Loos
  • Han Brezet